Using Push Notifications to Update Apps

Push Notifications provide a great way to notify users and to update app content. Today we’re going to learn how to implement Push Notifications using the API to replace menu content for a fictional cookie takeaway.

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SwiftUI Can Help Stop Crashes

Last month I was running through an old project to figure out how I solved a problem (4 years ago). Scouring through each storyboard I suddenly realised how complex the project was and how simple this could be achieved today in SwiftUI. To give an example the complexity of the project. One specific element required nested UICollectionView's 5 levels deep, which passed data back and forth up the stack to a HeaderView. It also resized dynamically just to add some extra juice.

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Geofencing in iOS

When previously working for a client I had the chance to create a proof of concept (POC) that enabled uses to be notified via Apple's Push Notification Service or third party tool when entering a chosen boundry. Once entered into a specific boundry a user would be shown information to interogate alowing with targeted advertising.

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10 tips for developers

1. Organise the project

Before starting the project it’s important to know where to start. Group dependent parts of your apps functionality and create tickets for each section. Tickets are what’s used in software building to associate a task to an individual or team, if you don’t know 😉. This approach makes it easier to set internal deadlines for pre release builds that become ready for team testing, even if that team is you. You could also setup GIT flow to handle release organisation or create them manually from you master branch.

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10 Xcode & Swift tips

Being an iOS developer for a number of years I’ve accumulated a bunch of Swift & Xcode tips to speed up the development process. The list below should be perfect for any IOS developer just starting out after a Udemy course or those looking to get the most out of wonderful Xcode.

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