Pawey main image

Pawey was an app to help train dogs, including my own. A team of trainers was hired to produce the course content which introduced new lessons to teach obedience skills along the way. It was a great project from start to finsh and used almost all of the iOS functionality. The app started a dogs training with the basics before working through Pre School, High School, College and as an added bonus, Cheeky course content!

Build: iOS, Watch OS, Web

Take Card.

Take Card was a company I founded back in 2015 to allow freelancers and small companies to accept mobile payments from clients. It’s feature list included invoice generation, user branding, PCI Compliance, basic accounting and recurring billing.

I used the newly created Stripe Connect platform to handle user account creation along with Swift Vapor providing a middle layer for invoice creation, user management, analytics and client facing web interface. Mailgun handled the email processing sending various templates.

Build: iOS, Watch OS, Web, API

Take Card screens on iPhone


Sens'd images on App
Sensd Mountain Forest View

Sens’d is an app I built from audio I recorded when visiting Canada’s Kootenay National Park. AudioKit was used as the engine along with a customised soundwave generator to suit the aestethics. It was a simple app which helped to unwind and relax after a hard day.

Build: iOS

Sounds UI Good.

Having built a few apps & websites in my career I had built a large collection of sounds for various user interactions and alerts. In 2018 I decided to release them as a side project for anyone who could make use of them. Once the web page was designed and released on various market places it was also added to Product Hunt which achieved 2nd place for the day.

You can purchase the 114 sounds for $7 via gumroad.

Build: Web, Audio

Sounds UI Good banner

Man Do.

Man Do main screen on iPhone

Man do was one of the original projects I had coded in Objective-C way back in 2009. When Swift was released I converted it to the new language and re-released it back on the App Store. Man do was a note taking app that offered a no fuss solution to storing and completing tasks.

Build: iOS